Why Your Marketing Strategy Matters During Times of Crisis and How to Adapt

By Monica Siegman, December 2, 2020

You’ve heard the familiar terms (maybe enough times to prompt a subconscious eye roll). These are unprecedented times. We live in the new normal. And, when it comes to business strategy, don’t forget to pivot. Now, we can chalk up the chronic overuse of these concepts to a lack of creative genius, or we can … Continued

Connection Through Clutter: An Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Your Business

By Monica Siegman, December 16, 2019

In this world of posting, pinning, sharing and tweeting… it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Social media is a fast-moving current and if you aren’t online, you’re behind. Social media is valuable to billions of users, and its functionality spans beyond that adorable photo of your puppy (though dog pics will always be welcome content and, … Continued

Semester of Learning at Cohlmia Marketing

By Logan Nemechek, November 20, 2017

This semester, I have been fortunate enough to intern with an outstanding company. At Cohlmia Marketing, the staff is very helpful, understanding, and allowed me to grow as an individual interested in marketing. This was only made possible by my participation in a unique internship program at Andale High School, which has allowed me to … Continued

Templates Can Be Tempting

By Stacy Jones, August 26, 2015

It’s a fast-paced world, and we all want to keep up with the times … but keeping up with the times doesn’t have to mean following the crowd. Websites designed using content management systems can streamline workflow and allow clients to modify their site content quickly and easily. But with the surge of websites designed … Continued

Buying Local Starts At Home.

By Carol Skaff, May 10, 2015

Today is Mother’s Day and in honor of my mother Pauline, I am writing about something I learned as a small child, peering out from behind the folds of her skirt. A summer afternoon….the doorbell rings. She opens the door to a lanky, smiling gentleman dressed in a collared short-sleeve shirt and carrying expandable black … Continued

Look Before You “Like”

By Carol Skaff, March 9, 2015

Social media engagement is a necessity to my role in the marketing universe. Some of you may laugh because I am known to go check out of Facebook and LinkedIn periodically. My Twitter profile is a bold expression of who I am, but sadly only a couple of actual Tweets. At this writing. After years … Continued