Print Media: Today’s Smaller Slice of the Marketing Pie

July 18, 2023

In the short order world of marketing tactics, what’s your pleasure? Would you prefer to stalk your customers on Google, search them on Facebook or profile them on LinkedIn? Does print have a role in today’s marketing landscape?  

If you’re thinking that print marketing is dead … no, far from it. But the surge of digital and online tactics has reframed how we employ print and how it supports other tactics.  

Brochures, mailers, letterhead, envelopes and business cards are still part of the marketing mix, says Gary Douglass, a sales representative for The Brush Group, LLC, which operates Wichita-based Donlevy Lithograph. Founded in 1948, Donlevy and a handful of others have managed to reinvent themselves to address market needs. Today’s printers have had to navigate paper shortages, cost increases, pandemic slowdown, and labor issues. 

And while email blasts and social media are effective for connecting with customers, a printed postcard can be used to support those platforms while also providing a tangible reminder that can be posted on the refrigerator or displayed on the table.

Also evident is the strong preference for print materials among older consumers. So, if the 55+ demo is important to your business, print media should have a place in your budget. 

Let’s talk about newspaper and magazine advertising. It’s no secret that these two industries have experienced seismic change in the last decade, including a migration from print to digital delivery, a mass reduction of local news/editorial, and a tendency toward pay-to-play content. The print editions of these publications are still relevant if matched with your target audience. If a publisher spends the time and money to put together engaging content, design high quality graphics and pay someone to print and bind, it’s worth exploring.

In addition to the tangibility of print, and the tactile experience it offers, it also allows us the opportunity to disconnect from technology, something we all need. 

With the surge of digital and online tactics, the role of print is still relevant. Newspaper advertising, direct mail, point-of-service brochures still deliver a return on your ad spend when blended with social media, email marketing, video content and digital ads.  

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