The Big Benefits of Small Agencies

April 4, 2023

If you’re a small- or mid-sized business wading through the sea of marketing firms, you may want to consider the benefits of being a big fish in a little pond. As digital platforms become more complex – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – so do the processes needed to stay afloat. Is a smaller agency the way to go? You decide.

Here are a few of the advantages offered by a smaller, boutique firm.


Knowing who your account contacts are, and being able to reach them quickly, is important. With a boutique firm, you will know who your account lead is, and who works on the support team. When you call, you will call a local land line, not an 800 number. You may even call or text their cell phone.


With fewer people in the mix, boutique firms are motivated to cover a broad range of client needs. They hire people who adore variety and have a do -it-yourself mentality. Project clarifications may be done via email or phone to keep things moving. For clients, this translates to fewer meetings, more time spent on actual project work and more reasonable costs.


In a small firm, there is no finger-pointing, and no layers of management to hide behind. If your account is being serviced by three people vs. 10-15 people, you know where the breakdown occurred. Accountability is inherent.

Wired for Speed

Larger firms have procedures in place that are important in a corporate setting, but can be frustrating for clients. The small agency environment is designed for forward motion.

Small But Mighty

Smaller firms hire people who are driven to develop a broad skill set. One individual may serve as content writer, brand strategist, script writer, video producer, production manager and website content manager.

With a larger agency, all of those tasks are done by a different staff member. Again, some accounts require a larger staff with dedicated tasks. A smaller firm won’t have the bandwidth to handle clients on a large scale. But what we do offer is a small staff with broad skills, and that works well for small- and medium-sized clients.

Whoever you hire, make sure you understand the cost of your marketing investment, what your agency can do for you and what they are charging you for each month. Then work together with them to optimize outcomes. Care to explore? Check out our website or give us a call at 316-262-6066.

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