Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

May 24, 2023

If you’ve looked around while you’re out and about, you’ll notice people are glued to their phones. Why you ask – because social media has taken over their lives. The average person spends over two hours a day on it!  

According to a report published by Hootsuite the number of social media users has increased by 4.2%.

  • Over 93% of internet users are social media users 
  • On average, we spend 2 hours and 11 minutes per day on social media 

Social media has become a powerful tool that businesses can use to connect with customers, build relationships, and grow their brand. If you’re on the fence as to why it should be a part of your marketing plan, look at the reasons why you need it. 



Increase Brand Awareness 

Using different social media platforms, your business can tell your story by delivering engaging content to your audience. Social media can also help you reach a wider audience and introduce your brand to new potential customers. 

Improve Customer Service 

81% of consumers say a positive customer service experience increases the chances of them making another purchase.

Good social media customer service is a great way to connect with customers and provide them with support. Making yourself accessible is convenient for new and old customers alike and can positively influence sales and brand loyalty. 

Generate Leads 

When it’s done right, social media can help generate qualified leads for businesses. By running social media ads and promoting your content, you can attract people who are interested in what you have to offer. 

Enhance Online Reputation 

Businesses in every industry can benefit from a strong social media reputation – it is the overall perception of your business. Consumers make purchase decisions based on the reputation, more so now than ever. It’s very important for winning new customers over and building trust with existing customers. 

Boost Traffic to Website 

Post consistently! By posting on social media on a regular basis, you will grow followers and maintain their interest. The larger your followers, the more you can rely on steady social media traffic to your website.



Have we lost you yet? No worries, we are ready to partner with you on your social media strategy. Our team will guide you from the beginning, check out our portfolio and capabilities. Give us a call at 316-262-6066 or email to get started. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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