Connection Through Clutter: An Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Your Business

April 1, 2022

In this world of posting, pinning, sharing and tweeting… it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Social media is a fast-moving current and if you aren’t online, you’re behind. Social media is valuable to billions of users, and its functionality spans beyond that adorable photo of your puppy (though dog pics will always be welcome content and, please, keep them coming).

Did you know that social media is also one of the most powerful tools for promoting your business? Not only that, but online consumers actually want to connect with your brand.

Why Social Media?

A strong social media presence provides great exposure for your company. It gives you a chance to develop a unique brand personality and communicate with your audience on platforms where they spend their free time. Over time, this drives engagement and, ultimately, sales, from both existing and new consumers in your target market.

According to the 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner, more than 70% of marketers who’ve used social media for at least 12 months report it helped them improve sales.

Now, let’s say you’ve decided to include social media in your business strategy. You run into another question… How can I ensure my unique message will stand out in the crowd?

Create Relevant Content for Your Consumers

Between all the types of different social media platforms and the existing
competition online, the key to making your message stand out is optimization.

Tailor your content according to the audience you are speaking to and the social media platform you are using. No two platforms are exactly alike, and determining what to post on each one can feel like a chore. But, there’s good news.

When it comes to what the average consumer considers valuable, there are common themes across the board. And, by the way, you don’t necessarily have to use every single channel out there in order to secure a successful business strategy. You just have to know your audience, understand the different platforms and use the avenues that align with your target market.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

This digital world is ever-evolving, and patterns in business marketing and social media are no exception. What worked years ago is outdated today, and in a few years, the trends will undoubtedly shift again.

Social media is a current, remember? To stay ahead, you need to learn to move with its ebbs and flows.

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