Look Before You “Like”

Social media engagement is a necessity to my role in the marketing universe. Some of you may laugh because I am known to go check out of Facebook and LinkedIn periodically. My Twitter profile is a bold expression of who I am, but sadly only a couple of actual Tweets. At this writing.

After years of “lurking” and making a few social media mistakes myself, I offer a few of my own:

  1. Before you “Like” a post, read it. I recently found myself liking a post that seemed interesting on LinkedIn. Upon further study, I realized it contained an expletive.
  2. Connect wisely. I often receive invitations to connect from people I don’t know or are connected with someone in my network. Remember that clicking “accept” opens you up to solicitations. It also exposes everyone in your network to the same unwanted attention.
  3. Manage your settings. Most of us have settings that automatically post our work anniversaries, birthday, when we update a board tenure, etc. If you don’t want the entire Facebook or LinkedIn publics to be notified when you turn the calendar on a new year, there’s a privacy setting for that.
  4. Be relevant. Social media is rampant with shameless plugs and solicitations. I can often spot who is trying to do business with whom – you can too. Be topical and current, and your connections list will not have the urge to flee your postings.
  5. Avoid political pronouncements. Please.

Blog by Carol Streckfus, President & Lead Strategist

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