Buying Local Starts At Home.

May 10, 2015

Today is Mother’s Day and in honor of my mother Pauline, I am writing about something I learned as a small child, peering out from behind the folds of her skirt. A summer afternoon….the doorbell rings. She opens the door to a lanky, smiling gentleman dressed in a collared short-sleeve shirt and carrying expandable black cases. “Hello, Mrs. Skaff, I have a free spatula for you today.” His name was Cliff Olson, a Fuller Brush salesman who canvassed our neighborhood once a month selling household items.

My mom was a domestic goddess, she cooked and baked constantly to keep up with the demand. Our kitchen drawers were brimming with a fascinating array of egg slicers, pastry blenders, and apple corers. Even when money was tight, she knew that Cliff had a family to support and any small purchase would help. Cliff would unfold expandable cases on our front porch and begin the demonstration, brandishing the latest in household gadgets. Mom would eventually retrieve her pocketbook and buy something.

Buying local was important to her, and it is just as important here at Cohlmia Marketing. While we receive solicitations from across the U.S. for search engine marketing, website development, and video production, we spread the bulk of those dollars among a short list of proven and talented local vendors. Today, while I am missing my mom, I remember that I did not miss the lessons she passed on to me.

Blog by Carol Skaff Streckfuss, President & Lead Strategist

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