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By Carol Skaff, February 4, 2015

Evolve. Emote. Express.
The Kinetic Artistry of Christopher Gulick
on exhibit at Cohlmia MarketingFeatured Artist: Christopher Gulick

Negative space, the unoccupied area that surrounds an element, is as essential to the artistic statement as the design itself. This balance of negative and positive elements brings motion and voice to Christopher Gulick’s sculpture. His commissioned bas relief piece, SP1-14 Process, is titled after the evolution that occurs in the creation and awareness of a brand, an integral activity at Cohlmia Marketing.

Gulick’s unique style is inspired by rough materials with both story and history, in the case of his Cohlmia Marketing commission, designed entirely from repurposed wood and metallics. The armatures are mounted on an oiled and refinished wooden beam from a local demolition.

Gulick’s pieces have appeared at shows across the country and around the globe. For more information, on Christopher or his Sculpture Lease Program, visit

Artist’s Statement:
“This work is a self-portrait of “Process”

My process, your process, all the processes of our evolution as humans in general and as individuals.

Each one of us enjoys or suffers all types of process in our daily lives on the path to whatever we are doing or wherever we are going.

In our education, our personal endeavors and all of our relationships whether private or business, we always have a start as well as an end goal.

The beginning nor the end are the majority. The greater body of these processes are indeed… our LIVES.”

Photo: SP1-14 (Process): Bas Relief Commission — Bronze, Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Found Wood. On Exhibit at Cohlmia Marketing, Sculpture Lease Program, Installed August 2014.

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