It Makes a Charming Door Stop

Some movie storylines just don’t stand the test of time. Take for example the scene from the 1979 movie titled The Jerk, where Navin R. Johnson is elated to discover his name is on pg. 73 of the phone book, declaring, “Things are gonna start happening to me now!” There was a time when a … Continued

Buying Local Starts At Home.

Today is Mother’s Day and in honor of my mother Pauline, I am writing about something I learned as a small child, peering out from behind the folds of her skirt. A summer afternoon….the doorbell rings. She opens the door to a lanky, smiling gentleman dressed in a collared short-sleeve shirt and carrying expandable black … Continued

Look Before You “Like”

Social media engagement is a necessity to my role in the marketing universe. Some of you may laugh because I am known to go check out of Facebook and LinkedIn periodically. My Twitter profile is a bold expression of who I am, but sadly only a couple of actual Tweets. At this writing. After years … Continued